Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Twilight Princess Moveset

So I'm sure that changelist got everyone's lips wet, but I know it was a real teaser. So here's the juicy stuff!


Neutral-B - Gerudo Strike - Ganondorf charges up his sword, jumps forward and hits anyone unlucky enough to be in the way. During the charge up phase, anyone who touches the electrified sword will be shocked and hit forward into killing range. However, the hitbox closer to the tip of his sword is stronger than the one near his body, and hitting people with this method makes it difficult to hit with the K.O hitbox. Pressing forward or back on the control stick also changes the distance Ganondorf travels during the jump phase, so use this to adjust distance and aim at enemies correctly. Finally, if close to an edge, Ganondorf WILL jump off during the jumping phase, so be careful not to fall off the stage. On the bright side, you will be able to jump cancel out of this attack in the air!

Up-B - Aerial strike. This attack has two hits, one as he jumps into the air, and then one more during the swinging phase of the move. The grounded hitbox will only hit enemies into the range of the 2nd hit when they are above a certain damage %.

Down-B (grounded) - Twilight Blade. This attack is used to catch enemies at close or long range, and start up combos. Enemies at close range are sent flying into the general vicinity of where the attack's animation ends, and enemies in the distance are just popped in place so that in both cases you are able to follow up with another attack. If you catch enemies with the tip of the sword at close range, they are sent into an even better area to be followed up on. The tip of the sword has no K.B. growth, so this is a better option at higher damages!

Down-B (air) - This works similarly do the Vanilla aerial Wizards Foot, except it travels at a slightly more forward angle than the Wiz Foot. 

Side-B (grounded) - Gerudo Rush - Ganondorf runs forward with his sword cocked. You can attack out of the dash at any time by pressing A. The longer you let Ganondorf run, the stronger the attack becomes, and furthermore if you time pressing A just right, you can activate the one hit KO. This is not an easy feat to accomplish however... Even if you master the timing, you will have to manage to have an enemy set up in the right place to be KO'ed. Finally, you can also reverse the attack and hit enemies behind you. All you need to do is press the direction you want to attack in, and press A!


Side-B (air) - The mechanics of this all work the same as above, except Ganondorf falls from the air. Timing the OHKO in the air isn't very likely since you'll rarely be in the air long enough to fully charge the blade, but you can use your air time to charge the attack up since when you land on the ground, he pops right into his grounded dash animation. *This attack can not be reversed the way the grounded one can be. 


Neutral-A - Forward sword thrust based from Twilight Princess. The tip of the sword has greater Knock-back than the rest of it.

F-Tilt - Sparta Kick - same as non Sword Ganon. I kept this the same because it is still an attack he uses in Twilight Princess

U-Tilt - Demise/Highlander/He-man lightning attack. This attack starts by flicking enemies in front of Ganondorf up into the air, who are then hit by a lightning strike that Ganondorf calls from the heavens.

D-Tilt - Low sword jab. This attack clips enemies feet, and pulls them closer to you. This is used to set up more combos and attacks.

F-Smash - Based on Twilight Princess, Ganondorf uses his normal elbow F-Smash, which this time includes more forward momentum which helps with catching enemies that are slightly farther away. This attack can be followed up with the powerful spinning sword slash attack by pressing A again at the right time.

D-Smash - Based on Twilight Princess again, Ganondorf spins around twice, attacking anyone around him! The sword is strongest on the front swing rather than the back swing.

Up smash - The start-up of this attack flicks enemies up - right above Ganondorf - and prepares them to be hit by the actual upwards swing attack. This swing has very little coverage, however the tip is very powerful. So be careful if you're an opponent!

Dash-Attack - Here, Ganondorf simply slashes his sword in front of him, Knocking opponents back, and over his head, preparing them for a follow up attack in the air. 


N-Air - A quick forward slash knocking opponents slightly back - no sweet-spots here!

F-Air - A slower and more powerful forward slash which also reaches much further. The tip is slightly stronger than the rest of the sword, but nothing to write home about. 

U-Air - Ganondorf swings his sword above his head in a large arc, hitting opponents all around him. But the sweet-spot is found at the tip of his sword at the top of the arc!

D-Air - !Watch for meteors! This is a downwards swinging attack with a very slow start-up, but it is also a very dangerous attack. It can be used very effectively to meteor opponents coming back from being off stage once you master the sweet-spot on the tip! Furthermore, the shaft of the sword has fairly strong hitboxes as well which knock enemies up into the air. 

Wait 2 - I've changed Ganondorfs Wait 2 into his beckoning animation based on Twilight Princess. Both versions (sword and fist) use this Wait.

U-Taunt - This uses the old Wait 2 animation in both versions of the mod (fist and sword). However in the sword version, Ganondorf uses his magic to make the sword float in front of him during this animation. 

S-Taunt - Ganondorf wipes his sword off of all enemy residue and sets it on "dark magic ?fire?" temporarily. 

D-Taunt - This puts the sword away and re-activates Fist Mode. BUT...

D-Taunt+A - If you press A right at the start of the Down Taunt, Ganondorf tosses his sword at enemies, and then uses his wizard powers to pull the sword back. The sword hits enemies in its way multiple times, and then hits them towards Ganondorf, setting them up for more attacks!

I think that covers the main, most interesting move-set changes for my Twilight Princess iteration. Next will be the Ocarina of Time move-set!

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