Sunday, September 27, 2015

Current Limitations and Known Bugs

Hey guys! Today I'm just going to talk about some stuff that I know still needs work for the future. I'll be talking about known bugs (most being intentional for now), future improvements, and also things I'm currently working on for release. 


So first of all, the biggest issue you'll notice is you can't use most items with my mods with the important exception of character items like bananas and turnips (and consequently, capsules and other small items). Some other items may work as well, but for the most part they're disabled/broken. If you pick up certain items, they'll cause the game to crash, and other items may work but will cause Ganondorf to go into T pose. This has been done intentionally for now, due to file-size limitations. Eventually I need to work on getting my file-sizes down, and re-incorporating the use of all items. I HOPE this doesn't cause too many problems for a lot of people. My assumption is most people playing Project: M probably don't even use items that much, so hopefully I'm right about that. 

Clone Engine:

Currently as you should all know, OOT Ganondorf is replacing Lucario's spot in the game. For those who don't know, there is a clone engine which I can use to basically make another copy of Lucario, so that I then am able to include both Lucario and OOT Ganondorf in the game. The current version of Project: M is not compatible with the clone engine however! So I'm waiting on the Clone Engine gods to finish that off, and as soon as it's ready, we'll have a complete roster PLUS OOT Ganondorf.

Models and their textures:

This isn't nearly as big an issue, but there are a few models that I'd like to have work done on. I had to reduce the texture quality on some due to file-size, so I'm eventually going to see how much I can increase the texture sizes before getting a freeze. I also would like some alterations done on a few of the models to improve how they look even more (though I doubt most people will even notice the things I get changed). 


Also a minor issue, however I do plan on improving any animations that seem like they need any work. I've done my best, but I can always do better!


His shadows are mostly fine, but there's one shadow bone that is connected to one of Ganon's invisible body bones for some reason. I don't know why this is, it actually doesn't make sense. This causes his shadow to look strange during certain attacks. Most of you won't even notice this for the most part, but it IS something I want to fix! 


So this is kind of minor but it bothers me! I don't know if I can fix this or not (other than by changing the hit-boxes I'm using), but basically some of Ganondorf's attacks use the paralyse effect that Zero-Suit Samus uses for her Paralyser in order to stun opponents. Unfortunately, no visual effects come with the hit-stun animation unless ZSS or Samus are loaded up in the match. So sometimes enemies just look like they were shocked, with no visuals, and others they have ZSS' hit-stun visuals. I'd like to make it so the normal electric GFX show up with this stun animation instead (and at all times), but I currently don't see a way to do that. 


There are many SFX that need work right now. I need to make a number of them match up quality wise, as well as in volume, and pitch. These issues will be dealt with in future releases, HOWEVER right now I am working on one specific SFX that needs a new "home". I need to find a good place to put it so that it doesn't interfere with other SFX. 

If I CAN'T do this, there will be another minor issue with the initial release. What you'll notice is that Ganondorf's Orb crashing SFX may activate during other character's attacks. This is because it is currently replacing "Medium Magic Zap". So characters like Peach, Ness, and even Toon Link, who use that SFX in their hit-boxes will be activating the Ganondorf Orb crash SFX instead. As I mentioned, I plan on eventually figuring out a better place for the Orb SFX, OR I will have to get into every single character's files that use Medium Magic Zap, and change that to another sound. This may be another future-release fix however, depending on how things go in the next little while. 

Those are the main issues right now! If I think of anything else, I will update asap. On a positive note, keep an eye on the Blog this week for some surprises. I have been working on other things while you've all been waiting, so there'll be more to enjoy when I do finally release!

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