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  1. I just wanted to say how excited I am for this! You did an amazing job and I will donate whenever possible. Hopefully we get to see more amazing character designs from you!

  2. I'm wondering, are you testing to see if this works on Dolphin? it works fine on it right now, but I'm just curious if you're testing it in Dolphin is all o:

  3. i really love this mod but i want it to actually be accepted as the official tournament used version. thats why i don't think you should have changed anything about the unarmed project m original Gannon. you could have just made one of his other taunts his transformation trigger. i initially though that these Gannons were going to be too overpowered but once i tried them i realize that you actually have to be good with them for them to be useful but they both have potential . i love this mod and can't wait till you perfect it.

  4. congratulations on your work, very good.
    I have some questions: why is not working the Ggiga Bowser? hold L in Bowser? including its has more files than in 3.6

    in your file contains the "Manchu", but could not turn, it is the "Ganon"? Hold the L?

    taking advantage, even today do not know how active the "Zakos," exchange mario files, zelda, kirby and falcon?

    some other trick/change in your version?

    sorry my poor english, see ya