Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Project: M Installation

Hey guys, 

Like I said I would, I'm offering some help on how to install Project: M. Actually a lot of this is just going be video tutorials found on YouTube that I have used on how to install. I think that's the easiest way to follow instructions. Now, there are two ways to "hack" into brawl. There's the Homebrew version, and the "Hackless" method. I personally prefer Homebrew because once it's installed, booting up Project: M is much faster! But if installing Homebrew on your wii is too complicated for you, the hackless method will work just fine!

First of all, go here to download the version of Project: M that you want:

If you've chosen the Hackless Method, the instructions are right on the Project: M page. If I were you though, I'd ALSO format my 2 gig SD card, and make sure it is set up as FAT or FAT32.

Here's an IGN article to further help you with this process:

If that's still confusing, check out this video by NinBuzz:

Now, if you're a techie, and want to go all out and install Homebrew, follow the same steps for installing the Project: M contents onto your SD card, but then follow this video by HighTeckMan for Homebrew installation:

Once this is installed, you just have to go to your wii menu with your SD card plugged into the system, start up Homebrew, choose the Project: M icon and boot up!

It should be straight forward from that point on. 

If you're having any problems, let me know and I'll see what i can do to help!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Quick Video Update

Here's a little video update for you guys. 
I hope you enjoy it:

So these were two little things I had to work on to make sure they work properly. I particularly had issues with getting down taunt to work during the entry animations because normal "button pressing" commands simply wouldn't work. I finally got it working using similar coding to what the PMDT did to make Samus' beam change during entry. So thanks again PMDT!

I'm still working on fixing the bigger issues that are really preventing my initial release. So please be patient! Thanks guys!

Monday, September 28, 2015

About Project: M and Why You Should Play it

I'm sure at least half my fans are already Project: M'ers, but I'm guessing some of you have no idea what it is or why it exists. Well if that's you, you've come to the right place. 

First of all, for all you newbies to the smash modding world, I highly recommend you get Project: M soon, and familiarize yourself with it even before the release of my mods! You'll have a great time with it, and it'll make it easier for you to install my mods as soon as they're released!


So, Project: M (or PM) is a Smash Bros. Brawl mod designed for competitive players who prefer faster gameplay that promotes advanced fighting combo tactics. The mod is meant to be seen as almost a "sequel" to Smash Bros. Melee, not an exact replica, since there are plenty of significant differences you'll find. An important thing to note is that PM is designed in a very professional way, and does not FEEL like a mod. It feels like you're playing a full game. The PM team has been diligently working on their mod for many years, and as far as I know, they plan on continuing to work on it until they are 100% happy with it. 

For more information on Project: M, I suggest checking out their website and other social media platforms:


More reasons to get Project: M:

The PMDT (Project M Development Team) has made endless improvements to the base game. Many of these changes are things that fans (including myself) have wanted in Smash Bros. all along! Heres a list of major changes to the game that should be noted:

Return of numerous classic stages:
- Hyrule Castle
- Metal Mario Stage
- Peaches Castle
- And many more

Brand new Project: M exclusive stages
- Bowsers Castle
- Delfino Secret 

Ability to choose alternate stages

Improved Gameplay modes:
- Higher HP option for stamina mode
- Stock option for stamina mode
- No death boundaries option in Stamina Mode!

NEW gameplay modes:
- All star mode (choose a different character for each one of your stocks)
- Turbo mode (an intense combo-ing mode. Trailer can be found below)

- New Costumes
- Improved move-sets and mechanics

This was one of the ORIGINAL reasons I 
got into Project: M to begin with:


And This:

Ability to Modify your game:

You can do anything you want to Smash Bros. once you have it hacked. You can add any stages you want, any music you'd want, and basically anything else you want! Some things are harder to learn to do than others, but it's still AWESOME! And for those who can't figure out how to install Project: M, stay tuned because I'll be posting instructions and resources on how to do it in the near future!

Before I take off, I'll leave you with some Project: M trailers to watch to perhaps spark your interest even more if I haven't done so yet!

Meta Knight Trailer:

Ivysaur Trailer:

Turbo Mode Trailer:

Version 3.0 Trailer:

Version 3.5 Trailer:

Version 3.6 Trailer:

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Current Limitations and Known Bugs

Hey guys! Today I'm just going to talk about some stuff that I know still needs work for the future. I'll be talking about known bugs (most being intentional for now), future improvements, and also things I'm currently working on for release. 


So first of all, the biggest issue you'll notice is you can't use most items with my mods with the important exception of character items like bananas and turnips (and consequently, capsules and other small items). Some other items may work as well, but for the most part they're disabled/broken. If you pick up certain items, they'll cause the game to crash, and other items may work but will cause Ganondorf to go into T pose. This has been done intentionally for now, due to file-size limitations. Eventually I need to work on getting my file-sizes down, and re-incorporating the use of all items. I HOPE this doesn't cause too many problems for a lot of people. My assumption is most people playing Project: M probably don't even use items that much, so hopefully I'm right about that. 

Clone Engine:

Currently as you should all know, OOT Ganondorf is replacing Lucario's spot in the game. For those who don't know, there is a clone engine which I can use to basically make another copy of Lucario, so that I then am able to include both Lucario and OOT Ganondorf in the game. The current version of Project: M is not compatible with the clone engine however! So I'm waiting on the Clone Engine gods to finish that off, and as soon as it's ready, we'll have a complete roster PLUS OOT Ganondorf.

Models and their textures:

This isn't nearly as big an issue, but there are a few models that I'd like to have work done on. I had to reduce the texture quality on some due to file-size, so I'm eventually going to see how much I can increase the texture sizes before getting a freeze. I also would like some alterations done on a few of the models to improve how they look even more (though I doubt most people will even notice the things I get changed). 


Also a minor issue, however I do plan on improving any animations that seem like they need any work. I've done my best, but I can always do better!


His shadows are mostly fine, but there's one shadow bone that is connected to one of Ganon's invisible body bones for some reason. I don't know why this is, it actually doesn't make sense. This causes his shadow to look strange during certain attacks. Most of you won't even notice this for the most part, but it IS something I want to fix! 


So this is kind of minor but it bothers me! I don't know if I can fix this or not (other than by changing the hit-boxes I'm using), but basically some of Ganondorf's attacks use the paralyse effect that Zero-Suit Samus uses for her Paralyser in order to stun opponents. Unfortunately, no visual effects come with the hit-stun animation unless ZSS or Samus are loaded up in the match. So sometimes enemies just look like they were shocked, with no visuals, and others they have ZSS' hit-stun visuals. I'd like to make it so the normal electric GFX show up with this stun animation instead (and at all times), but I currently don't see a way to do that. 


There are many SFX that need work right now. I need to make a number of them match up quality wise, as well as in volume, and pitch. These issues will be dealt with in future releases, HOWEVER right now I am working on one specific SFX that needs a new "home". I need to find a good place to put it so that it doesn't interfere with other SFX. 

If I CAN'T do this, there will be another minor issue with the initial release. What you'll notice is that Ganondorf's Orb crashing SFX may activate during other character's attacks. This is because it is currently replacing "Medium Magic Zap". So characters like Peach, Ness, and even Toon Link, who use that SFX in their hit-boxes will be activating the Ganondorf Orb crash SFX instead. As I mentioned, I plan on eventually figuring out a better place for the Orb SFX, OR I will have to get into every single character's files that use Medium Magic Zap, and change that to another sound. This may be another future-release fix however, depending on how things go in the next little while. 

Those are the main issues right now! If I think of anything else, I will update asap. On a positive note, keep an eye on the Blog this week for some surprises. I have been working on other things while you've all been waiting, so there'll be more to enjoy when I do finally release!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Ocarina Of Time Moveset

Now for what I'm sure everyone is most interested in.. 
Ocarina of Time's Prince of Darkness


Neutral-B - Ganondorf's iconic Orb finally makes it into Smash Brothers! The orb can be used to stun opponents in order to set up combos and finishers. And to add to the fun, when the hit-stun ends, the opponent is also launched towards Ganondorf, leaving them vulnerable for attack. Of course the orb can be charged, and the longer it is charged for, the more orbs can be fired. Some limitations when using the orb are that Ganondorf can not save the charge. Once you let go of B, that's it! The orb(s) is/are fired. You can float in place anywhere on stage while charging the orb, but if you are way up high, you will drop to a designated floating height from the ground. And be careful, DON'T charge the orb while off stage... You'll be in for a surprise - and death! Something I want to eventually incorporate into the orb when I have the powers to do so is to make the orb reflect back to where it came from when reflected. That is... Right now, the orb can only travel downwards, so even when reflected, it changes horizontal direction, but not vertical direction. I'm going to need someone to hex edit this to fix it (I think). Another added bonus for the future would be if I could make normal attacks reflect the orb(s) as well, and one step further would be to make the orb change directions according to the trajectory of the hitboxes that it contacts! This is all unknown territory to me though.. We'll have to see what can/can't be done!

Side-B - The cape reflect. This is mostly self explanatory. One mechanic I should explain is the trajectories of the hit boxes. In most cases, Ganondorf will flick opponents backward and out of his way. On the ground, the hitbox closest to his body will knock opponents slightly forward. Now the important thing to note, is that same hitbox in the air. In the air the hitbox closest to his body will knock the heck outa your opponents. If you connect with it, you can really send them flying to their deaths. 

Up-B - Portal Dance. So for this move, Ganon enters a portal, and then reappears out of another portal somewhere else. You can control what direction Ganondorf moves, and you can slightly alter his direction while he is travelling in his portal. Now keep in mind, he only stays in the portal as long as you hold B down - as soon as you let go of B, he pops back out! Also, as soon as he comes out of his portal, you have to ability to attack immediately. So this is a great move to use to navigate the stage and sneak attack opponents. Finally, if you hold B up to the end of the attack's duration, a false portal will appear before you're actual portal appears. So this can confuse your opponents quite nicely.

Down-B (grounded) - This move has a number of functions. When holding Down-B, Ganondorf charges up his float duration time for when his Down-B jumping/attack phase ends. Using this to charge up his float duration gives you a number of new aerial options. You can float around for extended periods and attack your opponents in new ways. Each time you attack though, you lose a lot of your float duration time, so attack wisely! Also, while floating you can taunt, and taunting charges up your float duration to make it last even longer. But be careful, because you can't move while you're taunting! As for some other limitations, be careful where you're positioned on screen. If you're too high off the ground, or off the stage altogether, your float duration will be depleted significantly faster! You'll know that you are passed your floating limits when Ganondorf's body is flashing yellow. Lastly, Ganondorf is using a lot of energy to to float - its no easy task! Because of this, in float mode, he takes more damage when hit. Keep this in mind and be careful!

Now back to the on ground portion of this attack. When releasing B, Ganondorf will launch into the air and punch anyone around him up with him. This gives you a chance to follow up with a number of attacks. You can interrupt the jump using Side-B to smack your opponent away, you can wait and attack your opponent with an A attack in the air after the jumping animation ends, or you can press A or Down-B during the jumping animation to perform the Fist Stomp to knock opponents straight back into the ground! 

Down-B (in air) - Well I mostly explained this just now. Its basically just the Fist Stomp portion. Some things to note, if you hit opponents with this in the air, they are launched straight into the ground. If you hit opponents on the ground with a DIRECT hit (with your fist) that can also launch them straight down (especially if you manage to hit them when they're near a ledge! This attack also emits a shock-wave around Ganondorf, and anyone hit by that will be shot into the air, preparing them for a follow up attack. 


Neutral A - Small dark force push. For this attack, if you contact an enemy with Ganondorfs palm, it will knock them back with a Darkness hitbox, but the kicker with this move is the indirect hit. If enemies are further away but still in range of the Darkness magic that Ganon releases, they will be pushed away with wind/magic. This is a great way to push returning enemies away from grabbing distance of the ledge of the stage. If they are in helpless-fall, they'll have no way of returning!

A-A-A - Darkness trap. Directly inspired by Ocarina of Times cut-scene before the battle with Ganondorf, this attack pulls enemies in and traps them in a cloud of darkness that damages enemies. To perform this attack, you can press A repeatedly, or when the attack begins, you can hold A. 

F-Tilt - Large dark force push. This attack can be charged the same way Wario's side tilt can be. If you tap and release A, Ganondorf will only perform a long ranged jab attack (same as Vanilla Brawl's neutral A, but with different hitboxes). If you press and hold A, you can charge the attack at four other levels. Level one has a small darkness push that doesn't last too very long, level two has a larger darkness push, and then levels 3 and 4 have the same size darkness push, except level 3 lasts longer. Yes 3 lasts longer! That means you have to time the length of the charge to attack with the longest version. I made this tricky to accomplish because this attack can be used again to push recovering enemies away from the stage, or it can be used to keep enemies at bay before you advance on them. So if you could make it last as long as you want any time, it could cause major balance issues. 

U-Tilt - Darkness Rising. For this attack Ganondorf summons dark magic from the ground to lift enemies up into the air. He then flicks them upward, preparing them for an aerial follow up.. Or another attack of your choosing!

D-Tilt - Thrust Punch. Ganondorf cocks back and prepares a long ranged palm thrust attack which knocks away all opponents in the way. 

F-Smash - Lightning strike. Inspired by Aghanim in LTTP, Ganondorf charges up an electricity attack, and shoots it out of his finger tips (also a bit of an homage to The Last Airbender and lightning bending for anyone who's watched that!). This and all electricity based attacks have their KO hitboxes located at the "tip" of the attack.

U-Smash - Triforce beam. Loosely based off of Puppet Zelda's attack in Twilight princess, Ganondorf jumps into the air, spins around while Damaging near by enemies, and then finally exerts a large energy beam out of the Triforce located in the ground, Knocking back any victims in its range. The beam is strongest at its apex. 

D-Smash - Loosely based on his aerial ground pound, Ganondorf charges up his fist with electricity, and then punches the ground. This sends an electric shock-wave on either side of Ganondorf, briefly stunning opponents to leave them open for an attack. Since this is used to stun opponents, the tips do not KO, however a direct hit does!

Dash Attack - Ganondorf dives forward with a ball of electricity in his palm. He uses this to temporarily trap opponents and hit them multiple times, and then flicks his wrist to knock people behind him and prepare them for follow up attacks. 


Neutral-Air - Vortex. Ganondorf enters a portal which does not disappear. This portal sucks in enemies near by and causes damage to anyone inside. If the attack finishes in the air, opponents are hit downwards, and if you end on the ground they are shot up in the air. If this attack is started while floating, you can move around the screen while in the portal (this idea was inspired by LTTP and Aghanim's teleport ability). If not, you freeze in place in the air - unless you press down on the control stick, then you'll plummet to the ground and activate the grounded finish!

Up-Air - Energy release. Ganondorf does a quick spin in the air and then releases energy around his body hitting anyone in the way. 

Forward-Air - Electric orb. Ganondorf shoots an electric orb out of his hand which is strongest at the end of the attack. If you catch opponents farther away you can sweet-spot them. 

Down-Air - Inspired by Phantom Ganon in OOT, Ganondorf fires a lightning bolt toward the ground. This is a meteor attack when connecting with the end of the lightning bolt!


Catch/Catch wait - "The (dark) force is with you". Ganondorf uses his magic to pull enemies into his grasp. When they are captured, he holds them at a distance similar to a Darth Vader grip.

Catch Attack - "Force Choke" - Again like Vader, Ganondorf uses his magic to strangle his enemies.

F-throw - Nonchalant flick. Being the bad-ass that he is, Ganondorf takes his time to lift his victims up into the air, and then toss them away like they're nothing.

B-Throw - Portals - Here Ganondorf creates a portal for his enemies to enter, and then shoots them out of another one. While in the portal enemies take damage (who knows what's happening to them on the other side). Also, Ganondorf protects himself during this throw - while his enemies are in a portal, he can not be interrupted. He will take EXTRA damage however! So don't use this move too lightly when fighting in a Brawl!

U-Throw - "Flame Choke" Slam - Ganondorf floats into the air with his victim while still holding them. He then pulls them into his hand and slams them into the ground. 

D-Throw - Gravity Slam - Here Ganondorf uses his magic to lift opponents into the air and then slams them into the ground.


Escape/dodge - Based on Ganondorfs ability to create multiple copies of himself, this is just what he does during escape. He creates two after-images of himself until he ends up where he is actually moving to. 

Air Dodge - Inspired again by Aghanims teleport ability, in the air Ganondorf pops into a small portal and quickly comes out.  

2nd Jump - for his second jump, Ganondorf flicks his cape and goes into float. This can be cancelled at any time by pressing jump again. Also, beware, the float time is significantly shorter compared to a fully charged down-B float.

That's about it guys! If you have any questions please feel free to ask. Also, I will be updating all these move-set lists with stills from my trailer to make it easier for everyone to understand what attacks are being highlighted!

Let me know what you all think!