Thursday, June 16, 2016

Project Ganondorf 2.1 Patch

Hello friends,

So Project: Ganondorf 2.0 had a few bugs, and as well as some balancing issues that I have now improved and fixed for 2.1! There are still a couple of bugs I need to eventually work on, but I don't know when that will happen as some are beyond my knowledge base right now. I will probably still work on some more balancing fixes in the near future so continue giving me feedback on bugs and balancing issues, but I will be slowing down any major Project: Ganondorf production for a while. I'm going on vacation soon, and I'm also lacking support on some of the harder mechanics and fixes I'd like to work on, so don't expect anything TOO Hype until there are some major breakthroughs! I'll keep you all posted when that happens :D

For now though, here's the patch download:

(Should work on Hackless as well as Homebrew)


1.0 => 2.0:

- OOT Ganon can move while charging Neutral-B
- OOT Ganon can press Down while charging Neutral-B to Down-B cancel out of it
- OOT Ganons up-B portal now has a hitbox at the beginning
- Numerous attacks sped up for OOT Ganon
- L-Canceling fixed for both Ganons
- Fist Ganon's side-b has two options (normal when not pressing A, higher damage and farther trajectory when holding A)
- Fist Ganon's up-tilt has two options (hold B for volcano kick)
- Fist Ganon's down-B can be canceled sooner to chain attacks better
- Fist Ganon's Warlock Punch now has armor
- Sword Ganon's up smash initial hit has two options (hold up to knock enemy higher into the air)

2.0 => 2.1:

- Fixed Kirby freeze when loaded at the same time as OOT or cloned TP Ganon
- Dr. Mario's alt costumes no longer just Marios default costume
- DACUS now works correctly in both Ganons
- OOT Ganon's down smash can now slide out of run
- OOT Ganon's aerial game has been buffed with speed increases/allowing earlier cancels
- OOT Ganon's knockback growth for F-air and B-air sweetspots has been fixed
- OOT Ganon's Up-air has been given a sweetspot, and hitboxes with other trajectories
- OOT Ganon's F-air sourspot hits people above ganon to open up combo potential
- OOT Ganon's N-air vaccume power has been increased slightly
- OOT Ganon's D-air sourspot can be used to set up f-air/b-air combos
- OOT Ganon's catches have been sped up, and pull boxes have been altered
- OOT Ganon's side-tilt hitboxes have been altered to hit more successfully
- Fist Ganon's up smash has been sped up

There are a handful of other fixes in both lists that I'm sure I'm missing. I will add them if I remember, but these are some of the major ones!

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Project: Ganondorf 2.0 Download

The wait is over! 

Sorry for the delay everyone! I hope you all enjoy this update. Keep me posted here on my forums, and on SmashBoards with any bugs you may find, or any other feedback involving balancing, or anything else! I'll be posting a full change-list, and more information about this update in the near future. 



If anyone needs instructions on how to install these, you can go to my "Project: M Installation" section of my blog. Don't use the download links there, use the ones here! But the instructions there should work just fine for installing these files!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Project: Ganondorf Trailer 2.0

It's been a while but here is the trailer to the first Project: Ganondorf update! Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

My Store!

Hey everyone! While I'm working away at getting the next release ready, I've also put together some t-shirt designs for everyone! Here are some of the designs:




If you like what you see, head over to my store for more!
And if you have any special requests let me know, I can likely make custom designs too!

Thursday, February 11, 2016

New Melee inspired CSS portraits in progress!

Hey everyone! Today I have an art update for you. Thanks to Paysus on SmashBoards, I have some brand new CSS portraits that are in progress. Here's a sneak peek!