In case anyone missed my credits in my trailer, I think it is important for me to credit everyone who has helped me on this project! 

First off I'd like to thank the PMDT for creating Project: M and not only making this mod POSSIBLE, but also for inspiring me to make it happen. Of course a lot of the things you'll see in my mods are based on things they have done (like models and mechanics). So I can't take credit for everything you see!

Newcomers to my team:

PyotrLuzhin (discord) - This is the hex/GCT coding god right now! He's one of the busiest guys in the brawl modding community, but he's taken the time to fix a number of things for me. One of the major fixes being the SFX glitch with Ness and other characters using the SFX that loaded Ganondorfs Orb Crash SFX.

BringoBongo (discord) - He helped me out greatly with BrawlExing the build. I'm not too familiar with BrawlEx, so he took the time to get that working for me!

Paysus (GameBanana) - Created the new CSP's and Hud portraits I'm using in my 2.0 release!

LnktheWolf (discord) - Worked on one CSP which has not been seen in my recent trailer. This is going to be a small surprise :P

I think I have everyone who helped me for this patch! Everyone else who has helped me is listed below. If I've missed anyone, I apologies! Please let me know if i have!

Sound effect editing:

AmaZeroMmu (Skype) - AZM helped me a lot in the early development stages of P:G. He got the SFX stuff moving forward!

Shane Lee Shin (SmashBoards) - SLS has been my main sound editor for a long time. He's helped me consistently with editing SFX and getting them to work properly


TheShyGuy and Nao-chan (aka HeavyD88) - These guys made a whole bunch of animations for me. A chunk of OOT Ganon couldn't have existed without him!

Ashingda - My sword Ganon mod is based off of Ash's old sword Ganon. So most of those animations were done by him originally. I altered a number of them, but a lot of the work was done by him!

The Orb:

PhantomWings - With his coding wizardry, PW made it possible for Ganon to shoot 5 orbs at once. Before he did his magic, Ganon could only shoot a maximum of 3 at a time. 

KeroMonkey - I donated to him for help and also got help from him on the orb. He helped get OOT Ganon off the ground by working on a PSA edit to spawn several orbs at once rather than only one at a time. 

Mortimer - He helped me get the orb to change the angle that it travels in. This was something that just REFUSED to work in brawlbox until he did some magic and made it work! 

Misc bone reference fixes:

Snoopy and Leon Exodio - These guys helped fix some oddities with porting Ganondorfs model over Lucario. Minor but tricky!

Custom Ganondorf models:

500YearOldGrandpa - All the custom models I'm using in my release were made by this guy! So if you wana thank anyone for the models thank him!

Video capture for my trailers:

soopercool101 - I couldn't have put together my trailers if this guy didn't capture the footage for me!


FS Fantom, Eli_gahlike and the Free Saltines crew


Everything else:

drogoth232 - After my reveal trailer of Project Ganondorf drogoth offered a lot of help towards the project! He's helped with some coding, improving some animations, and has started a movement towards a major future change on the project - more on that later ;)

KingJigglypuff - Last but not least, I can't thank this man enough. He's been super supportive throughout this whole project, and has helped me troubleshoot every time I ran into a problem! It's safe to say OOT ganon would not exist if it weren't for his help and support!


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  2. No credit to Brawl Ex (the clone engine)?