I know there are a lot of questions out there for me, so I'm going to take the time to try to answer as many of them as I can right here for everyone to see. I'll keep updating this list as more questions arise!

Q - WAT is this? Where are the cheat codes?

A - No cheats here people! What you're seeing in my trailer are two smash brothers mods which have been built from another (much larger) smash brothers mod. Project: M is the mod that actually inspired me to work on these two mods - and by the way I HIGHLY recommend everyone downloading and using it whether or not you use mine! Furthermore, If you use other smash brothers mods, I can't promise that they will be compatible with either of mine since I've worked on them based on Project: M's code-set.

Q - Are these characters interchangeable? How does this all work?

A - So as I mentioned, these are two separate mods. First of all, anything you saw relating to the sword Ganondorf mod is replacing the normal Ganondorf slot in Project: M. When selecting Ganondorf, you will be able to use his base move-set found in Project: M, but then by pressing down taunt, you can pull out his sword and use a completely new move-set which is strongly based on Twilight Princess. Now, the other Ganondorf you saw is a completely separate character. He is going to replace Lucario. Now BEFORE everyone cries about losing a character, the ultimate plan is to create a new slot to separate OOT Ganondorf and Lucario into two separate characters. When this will be possible is yet to be known, but I hope it will be soon. So as a final note, yes for now in order to use OOT Ganondorf, you will be losing Lucario :(


A - I can't make any promises guys! I want to get this out to everyone asap because I really want people to start using the mods and start to give me feedback. So trust me I am working as fast as I can! I want to release a completed product that will give everyone the best experience possible. I mean it isn't going to be COMPLETELY completed, but I want to release the best thing that I can with my current resources.. which brings me to the next question

Q - Is this going to be competitively balanced?

A - This is where the fans come in. As I mentioned in my previous post (which will talk about this in greater detail), this release will not be the last! I'll be tweaking and polishing for quite some time in the coming months/year(s). And I'll be relying on everyone's feedback to help me perfect everything. 

Q - How do I use this? What do I need?

A - I will post a number of links in the near future explaining how to install Project: M and my mods, but you'll basically need a Wii or Wii U, a 2 gig SD card (yes has to be 2 gigs), and a copy Smash Bros. Brawl

That's it for now. Stay tuned for more!


  1. when will you post a download link? No rush though im just really excited lol

  2. i got one question : will it be used via addons ?

  3. What if you only want to install one of the characters, such as sword ganon but not mage ganon?

  4. I just found a bug , wich , after grabbing a ledge , sword ganon did the up taunt and then he stood , mid air , in his neutral possition.

  5. Does this can be in the Japanese version?

  6. What if instead of making a whole new slot for OoT Ganon, you could just select him by holding L on TP Ganon? Just a suggestion. Great job on the mod, by the way!

  7. Is there frame data and such anywhere for the movesets?

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  9. I don't mean to be presumptions, but perhaps you could add another skin. One more option for the King of Evil.


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