Thursday, June 16, 2016

Project Ganondorf 2.1 Patch

Hello friends,

So Project: Ganondorf 2.0 had a few bugs, and as well as some balancing issues that I have now improved and fixed for 2.1! There are still a couple of bugs I need to eventually work on, but I don't know when that will happen as some are beyond my knowledge base right now. I will probably still work on some more balancing fixes in the near future so continue giving me feedback on bugs and balancing issues, but I will be slowing down any major Project: Ganondorf production for a while. I'm going on vacation soon, and I'm also lacking support on some of the harder mechanics and fixes I'd like to work on, so don't expect anything TOO Hype until there are some major breakthroughs! I'll keep you all posted when that happens :D

For now though, here's the patch download:

(Should work on Hackless as well as Homebrew)


1.0 => 2.0:

- OOT Ganon can move while charging Neutral-B
- OOT Ganon can press Down while charging Neutral-B to Down-B cancel out of it
- OOT Ganons up-B portal now has a hitbox at the beginning
- Numerous attacks sped up for OOT Ganon
- L-Canceling fixed for both Ganons
- Fist Ganon's side-b has two options (normal when not pressing A, higher damage and farther trajectory when holding A)
- Fist Ganon's up-tilt has two options (hold B for volcano kick)
- Fist Ganon's down-B can be canceled sooner to chain attacks better
- Fist Ganon's Warlock Punch now has armor
- Sword Ganon's up smash initial hit has two options (hold up to knock enemy higher into the air)

2.0 => 2.1:

- Fixed Kirby freeze when loaded at the same time as OOT or cloned TP Ganon
- Dr. Mario's alt costumes no longer just Marios default costume
- DACUS now works correctly in both Ganons
- OOT Ganon's down smash can now slide out of run
- OOT Ganon's aerial game has been buffed with speed increases/allowing earlier cancels
- OOT Ganon's knockback growth for F-air and B-air sweetspots has been fixed
- OOT Ganon's Up-air has been given a sweetspot, and hitboxes with other trajectories
- OOT Ganon's F-air sourspot hits people above ganon to open up combo potential
- OOT Ganon's N-air vaccume power has been increased slightly
- OOT Ganon's D-air sourspot can be used to set up f-air/b-air combos
- OOT Ganon's catches have been sped up, and pull boxes have been altered
- OOT Ganon's side-tilt hitboxes have been altered to hit more successfully
- Fist Ganon's up smash has been sped up

There are a handful of other fixes in both lists that I'm sure I'm missing. I will add them if I remember, but these are some of the major ones!


  1. ya know, there is such a thing as one sided gameplay...

  2. I found another bug on 2.0 homebrew I'm not sure if it's been fixed yet but, Roy had a similar issue to Mario. I would try to replace a Roy skin but it would only show the default skin. I did this with Zelda and its works fine. Any thoughts?

    1. I replaced a Roy skin (Awakening Roy) but there were no changes made in game

    2. I replaced a Roy skin but there were no changes to his skin.

    3. I know this is an extremely late post, but for anyone experiencing the same problem, go to SD\project m\pf\Brawl Ex\Fighter Conifig. Open Fighter27.dat in Brawl Ex Config Utility(download here ). On the right side of the window, there should be a bunch of boxes with checks in them. Just put a check in box 06. Then Save, now you're done

  3. Is there anyway I could add the gannons to another build I have?

  4. Can we apply this patch directly from a plain Project M copy or does it have to be patched from version 2.0 of your mod?

  5. I put the extracted 2.1 files on an SD card. But Nothing happens when I start up Stage Builder. The game doesn't even freeze.

  6. I was able to find the problem by downloading 2.0(Hackless) and comparing the 2 versions. Before you start I suggest making a backup. The "app" folder is missing in 2.0 so I deleted it, I believe that is only for Homebrew. Next, I noticed 2.1 doesn't have a "private" folder, which is how the Wii finds the boot menu, so I copied the "private" folder from the official 3.6 release. So far I have no problems, but I'll experiment some more and get back to you if I find anything.

  7. Is it possible for me to just take at least the TP Ganon, and copy it to my own PM? It certainly beats me having to rebuild what I've installed (they just don't understand you, Brawl MK D:)

    1. Hackless, just in case I need to be specific.

    2. Also, I'm guessing the "manchu" file is the wizard dorf, can I just copy that, too?

  8. Boy, I desperately want to play this mod, but so far I've been unable to use it. Would it be possible for someone to make a tutorial on how to install this? I have project M and have installed some other mods for it, but it would be very helpful if we could get something in-depth for such a fantastic mod as this.

    Thank you!

  9. Not sure this is a glitch or not but i can't play subspace emmisary it always takes me to training. If you can you should fix that too. Thanks :)

  10. Not sure this is a glitch or not but i can't play subspace emmisary it always takes me to training. If you can you should fix that too. Thanks :)

  11. Quick question. Why can't i throw the sword? I used to be able to do it before in the first Project Ganondorf build, but ever since 2.0 it doesn't work for me.

  12. Quick question. Why can't i throw the sword? I used to be able to do it before in the first Project Ganondorf build, but ever since 2.0 it doesn't work for me.


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  15. Can we get an alternate Download link? Mediafire has been dicking me over lately so i need another link (Yes my internet does suck but i live in one of the countries with the highest inflation)
    Maybe a MEGA Link or google drive?

  16. I found a few bugs. L-Load gigabowser doesn't work. Also, Roy's last costume doesn't load. I noticed that your build runs on Project M + Brawl Ex ( ), and that these bugs and some more were fixed in a newer version. Could you please update your build to one of these newer versions? It would be very useful, and from I know of Pm custom characters, it shouldn't be that difficult.

  17. There has been issues with the mod where PM crashes. The character model glitched and i think it broke my SD card when I removed the mod. Hopefully this can be fixed and I can download this mod back.