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  1. what files do i replace the project ganondorf rar. with?

  2. I dont know how to put a message over, so i will put a comment here.

    I have got the known items bug and the uncapacity of start with Giga-bowser.

  3. it seems like sword ganon cannot take items, i was against snake, he did is d-taunt and i accidently took his cardboard, and.... t-pose freeze... :/

  4. 2 things, 2.1 doesn't have a private folder so you cant luanch the game and 2 i seem to be getting alot of freezes so if theres any way to make pmG more stable id appreciate it. Balancing. Awesome chstsvter oot ganon is but he has to much weight and with right spacing its very easy to stay alive and his smashes are all very powerful id nerf one of his smashes to have less knock back maybe dsmash and give kill kno kback on one ariel maybe uair for a mix up potential. Bthrow kills at very low percents in my opinion a character with that much grab range shouldn't kill at all.his projectile attack can be infinitely spam as well so either decrease the how quickly he fires them or heavily reduce hitstun. Right know hes op's most of the roster with his exellent spacing and high weight.

  5. There is something I have found. I can not load Giga Bowser in the recent 2.1 patch. If I use the rsbe01 file in the most recet PMEX build, Giga Bowser does work but the sound for magic Ganon's neutral B and sweetspot electric attacks use the coin sound effect instead of the OOT electric hit effect. Is there any way to get around this or has nobody found out what to do yet?

    1. Edit: There's an extra CSS code list at the bottom of P:G's 2.1 rsbe that allows for l-loading characters and giga bowser. Just don't l-load the extra dry bowser skins. It crashes the game.