Mission Statement

Hello everyone,

Welcome to my Project Ganondorf Blog. I'd like to start off by talking about what I'm doing here and what my goals are. What you'll be seeing all over my blog are two mods that I've made for another Smash Bros. Brawl mod called Project: M (which is a competitive Melee esq. build of Brawl). I originally started these mods because I truly believe Ganondorf needs to have his own set of moves in Smash Bros., and quite frankly I've had quite enough with waiting for it to happen! So I took it upon myself to work on these new Ganondorf builds for everyone to enjoy. Thankfully I've also had help and support from others in the Smash Bros. modding community, because without them I could have never gotten this far!

My ultimate goal is to create two mods that each represent Ganondorf in the most canonical way possible within Smash Bros., while also making them both fit into the competitive environment of Project: M. Also, just like Project: M, I want my mods to be as professional as possible - I won't be releasing something that I feel is half done, or sloppy! That being said, these two projects are both works in progress that will take a lot of time to tweak and perfect. You will see many versions of these mods be released over time, so remember that nothing you see or play is necessarily final! I currently have a number of competitive players ready and willing to play-test my mods upon release so that I can get the balancing process under way, but I will also be relying on all my fans, and the community for feedback to help me move forward! 

Lastly, if anyone would like to help me out further, I do accept (completely optional) donations. I plan on putting my time into creating full games and apps in the future, so anything I can get right now will help me with that in the future, and will also ensure that I put the most time and effort that I can into my current work!

I hope you all enjoy what you see, and keep an eye on the blog for future updates, and to have all your questions answered. 

- BronzeGreekGod

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