Monday, September 21, 2015

Fist Ganon Changelist

Okay guys, I'm going to take some time to go into some details about Ganondorf's move-sets! I'm going to start with the change-list of Project: M's standard Ganondorf move-set, as I have made some modifications to it. This can be played by simply selecting Ganondorf normally in the character select screen in Project: M (which I'll refer to as PM from now on). 


Neutral-B - In PM 3.6, this move has been changed from the Warlock Punch to his cape reflect attack on the ground, and in the air Ganondorf can temporarily float. I however have reverted back to the Warlock Punch! This may be good news for some, and perhaps bad news for others, but one of the reasons I've done this is because my other mod incorporates these features (with the float mechanics being greatly revised).

Up-B - This just has a minor animation change to Ganondorf's hand position. This is only because the same animation is used for his sword Up-B, and the hand position needed altering so that the sword position made sense when he's holding it.

Side-B (grounded) - I've changed the trajectory of the hitbox for this. Rather than knocking the opponent directly at your feet, they are now thrown slightly forward. I know this removes certain combo potential, but it also opens up other combos, especially when used with my altered Up-Tilt which I'll talk about in a moment. This also makes it so that if you want your opponent at your feet at the end of Side-B, you have to work for it a bit more. You'll have to use the aerial version of Side-B to have this option. 


F-Smash - In PM 3.6 they made a change to F-Smash in order to give us an attack that feels a little bit like the Warlock Punch so that we didn't miss it too much. Since the actual Warlock Punch is making a triumphant return, I've reverted back to the good ol' elbow

Up-Tilt - I've kind of combined PM's version of this with the original Brawl version. So for those who don't know, in PM, they removed the long lingering Axe Kick, and created a quicker, less powerful, but really cool sumo looking foot stop attack. In this, they had also removed the wind hit-boxes which would pull players in while using the attack. So I have used PM's foot stomp attack, but I brought back the wind hit-boxes!

Side-Tilt (High and Low) - I've slightly altered the hit-boxes of these attacks. While neutral Tilt remains unchanged, Side-Tilt/up actually hits opponents higher into the air, and Side-Tilt/down hits people slightly downwards. So this can be used as a nice ledge guarding tactic. 

U-Smash - I've reverted back to Brawl's up smash. I know many people prefer PM's version (which is based on Melee), but I just love that badass soccer kick! And I don't really feel the double flip kick makes the attack that much better to be honest. I could be wrong on that, but I love Brawl's up smash. 

Down-Taunt - Using down taunt, Ganondorf doesn't just pull out his sword to taunt his enemies as well as you and everyone else. Now he keeps his sword out, and you'll be able to use it at your disposal.....

That's all for now ladies and gents. Stay tuned for Ganondorf's Twilight Princess move-set!


  1. will this be available for PM 3.6 or 3.5 only?

  2. This may have been asked before, but will there be two selectable Ganondorf's or will it just be one Ganondorf whose second mode is accessed by a taunt.