Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Project: M Installation

Hey guys, 

Like I said I would, I'm offering some help on how to install Project: M. Actually a lot of this is just going be video tutorials found on YouTube that I have used on how to install. I think that's the easiest way to follow instructions. Now, there are two ways to "hack" into brawl. There's the Homebrew version, and the "Hackless" method. I personally prefer Homebrew because once it's installed, booting up Project: M is much faster! But if installing Homebrew on your wii is too complicated for you, the hackless method will work just fine!

First of all, go here to download the version of Project: M that you want:

If you've chosen the Hackless Method, the instructions are right on the Project: M page. If I were you though, I'd ALSO format my 2 gig SD card, and make sure it is set up as FAT or FAT32.

Here's an IGN article to further help you with this process:

If that's still confusing, check out this video by NinBuzz:

Now, if you're a techie, and want to go all out and install Homebrew, follow the same steps for installing the Project: M contents onto your SD card, but then follow this video by HighTeckMan for Homebrew installation:

Once this is installed, you just have to go to your wii menu with your SD card plugged into the system, start up Homebrew, choose the Project: M icon and boot up!

It should be straight forward from that point on. 

If you're having any problems, let me know and I'll see what i can do to help!


  1. I for one love PM and have it installed, but here's my question, will Project Ganondorf be hackless (my method) or homebrew?

  2. Like many other impressive smash character mods, this makes me want to get project M and mod my copy. The difference is, you've linked to tutorials that actually work. I now have project M, and I am so excited to see how to install this awesome new gannondorf.

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  4. Is there a way to install this on dolphin, and if so, how?