Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The Future of Project Ganondorf

Hey gang, so I'm looking into the future of Project Ganondorf, and though I know I'm going to keep working at it to polish and balance everything, there are certain limitations I have due to lack of skill in some areas. So I'm going to put this out there to see if anyone is willing to help/knows anyone who would be up for it.

I need help with the following areas so that I can perfect P:G to be as professional as possible:

1. An animator. Most of my animations either originated from the original game, or someone made them for me. Right now I don't have a consistent animator to help me out, so i need that to polish a number of animations, and perhaps even make some new ones.

2. A model and rigging expert. I thought I had someone that was going to help with this, but unfortunately that seems to have fallen through. I need someone who can polish some of the models I'm currently using, and also who can create something new from scratch/or by using a low poly model I have.

3. A hex coder (someone who can edit rel's, gct's and those kinds of tricky things) - For this I think I should have some help, but the person helping me out is rather busy, so I'm not sure how long it will take him to get around to helping. ALSO since he is busy I don't want to overload him wit more work if he cant take it on!

That is about it. If anyone wants to join the team, let me know. I could really use some help with this stuff!

Thanks all